Qamra Night – A Place Where Lie Inspiration & Peace


Prepare your gear & get ready for a splendid hiking adventure involving many wondrous activities at Qamra Night. Whether you’re into sandboarding, horse riding, aim & shooting, you will certainly find something that will make your day. We will start by giving you an overview of what you’re about to enjoy.

A Dreamy & Peaceful Night With Natural Illumination …

Have you ever been hit with the instant realization that this circle up in the night sky is actually a sphere, a mini planet circling its way around our globe!

It isn’t a movie or 4k video. It’s happening now. It’s the same moon that poets and philosophers and scientists looked at for hundreds if not thousands of years. It possesses the same magic that is provided to them, yet shining on us all with generosity & grace.

Sandboard Your Stresses Away or Let The Horses Lead Them Astray …

Sandboarding is a sport similar to snowboarding, only instead of descending the snow is down dunes or sandhills. It’s a sport that one can’t say that lived life if they haven’t tried it.

It is very much related to snowboarding not only because of the apparent similarity but because, in fact, both will leave you blowing adrenaline & pumping heart! All it no worries about getting injured, as you will be supervised by a team of experts.

If you’re looking for a different kind of fun, then horseback riding is the way to go, as nothing else compares to. It isn’t like going for an exciting ride at an amusement park because you won’t have control over the park ride, the ride has no ability to formulate an opinion and even if it did have, you wouldn’t be able to act on it.

This one is a whole-different ride, the biggest buzz of all is galloping. You feel like you’re flying, and as your horse is going full pelt, you are also not 100% in control… But no need to fret, as you will be taught all skills & precautionary measures needed.

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