Visit these 7 Saudi beaches to enjoy the sand and sun!


Who says KSA is just a desert area? Learn about beautiful Saudi beaches here.

Sound of the waves with the wind caressing your cheeks. What could be a better combination than this?

To enjoy this duo of wind and sand, visit Saudi Arabia and experience the serenity of its beaches.

Saudi Arabia is surrounded by three bodies of water i.e., the Gulf of Aqaba, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea. Naturally, there are more beaches than we think!

On the coastal line of more than 2500 km, there are many private and public beaches that you can visit to enjoy with your friends and family.

Feel the sky above, sand below, and peace within with these top 7 beaches in KSA.

1. Al Fanateer beaches

Located in Al Jubail, Al Fanateer Beach is popular among tourists and locals alike.

Walk on the beach to feel the white sand under your bare feet or sit with your family and friends in green lawns. The beach also has a children’s playground. 

There’s a mall nearby that provides dining areas and a shopping area for pre and post-beach trips.

Stroll on the paved walking paths shaded by palm trees, beach and sail the boat to enjoy the sea.

Al Fanateer Cornish
Al Fanateer Cornish

2. Durrat Al Arus

Located in “Dahaban” -the old village of Jeddah-  Durrat Al Arus is an artificial island constructed in 1996. This beach started the trend of private beach resorts in Saudi Arabia.

The beach has 1000 villas, a diving school, a golf course, and a theme park. Tourists can rent the villas and relax.

The island has a world of its own. There are mosques, commercial centers, coffee shops, golf club, equestrian club theme park, and a yacht marina. It has high privacy residential units equipped with mobile networks, satellite TV, hospitals and everything you’ll need.

Since the villas are very popular, they are booked ahead of time. If you’re planning to go, be sure to get an advance booking.

Durrat Al Arus.
Durrat Al Arus.

3. Silver Sands

In the bright daylight, spend your lazy day on the silver sands. Take a sunbathe on the sunbeds and ward off all your tiredness. 

The beach offers fun activities such as open water swimming, windsurfing, snorkeling, and a small island.

The island is privately owned, which means there is an entrance fee. The island is strictly for families, the single male entry is not allowed. 

Silver sands
Silver sands

4. Farasan Beaches 

Farasan Al Kabir is the largest island in the Farasan Islands. Located some 50 km away from the Jizan, the islands are rich in underwater wildlife.

The beach is famous for diving. Dive in the crystal blue azure water to discover the coral reefs and different sea species. 

Besides diving, you can also relax on the sand or stroll on the beach while waves massage your feet. Or, you can ride a ferry and make memories for a lifetime. 

Farasan Al Kabir Beach.
Farasan Al Kabir Beach.

5. Half Moon Beach 

If you’re looking for a perfect family picnic spot in Al Khobar, Half Moon Beach is the place for you.

Naturally shaped like a half-moon, the beach has nice and clean sand. Enjoy car drifting, horse riding and swimming in the sea. 

The facility of seating, mosques, and shower areas is also provided for the beach lovers.

Pack your picnic baskets and visit half-moon beach.

Half Moon Beach.
Family enjoying at Half Moon Beach.

6. Haql beach

On the Gulf of Aqaba, lies the Haql beach in the province of Tabuk. 

A shipwreck is left on the mercy of nature on the beach, which gives the beach its other name ‘the Shipwreck beach’. 

The beach exists in its most natural form. You’ll be left with nature alone to enjoy the sound of waves and wind. On the beach, you’ll be mesmerized by the view of Sinai mountains over the far end. 

Haql beach.
Clear blue water at Haql beach.

7. OIA  Beach

Inspired by Greek islands, the OIA beach is a white stoned hotel featuring the minimalist vibe. 

Located 12 km away from the Jeddah highway, the beach hotel has 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. The villas have terraces from where you can enjoy the heavenly view of the seashore.

There are a casual Greek themed white painted walls, lounge and restaurants, International cuisines, sushi cafes, pools, gym, kids clubs, and a female-only indoor pool. Water sports such as sailing, kayaking, and a floating water park are also available for adventure lovers.

OIA  Beach.
OIA Beach resort.

Every beach has its unique smell and feel. Experience the feel of Saudi beaches, feel the combination of three S, ‘sun, sea, and sand’ on the Saudi beaches. 

There are also a number of undiscovered coastal areas. Discover these fun places and fun events with Hala Yalla. Download the app now on Android or iOS


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