Try these 5 Arabian restaurants in Saudi Arabia


Try these 5 Arabian restaurants to fall in love with Arabic cuisine.

Arabic food is popular throughout the world for its use of rice and meat with a perfect blend of spices and sauces which makes your mother water!

In Saudi cities, you’ll find restaurants of every cuisine around the world. However, the taste and popularity of foreign cuisine couldn’t sideline the traditional and local food.

Arabic food is known and enjoyed in every corner of the world. Not just the Arabic food, Arabic restaurants are equally popular for its warm ambiance, unique seating arrangement, and mouthwatering aroma.

Here’s a list of Arabic restaurants that you should try.

  1. Al Nafoura

The Lebanese restaurant Al Nafoora is one of the most famous Arabic restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

This restaurant offers authentic traditional Arab taste to the food lovers throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

It serves Middle Eastern food including all types of Mandi and Kabsa. Its seafood is especially famous.

Al Nafoura operates various branches in the country. Just in Riyadh, there are more than 10 restaurants in different locations.

Al Nafourah's kebab.
Grilled Kebab

2. Al Romansiah

In the year 1418 AH, Romansiah opened its first branch in Riyadh. Since then, Romansiah is busy catering to the needs and wants of their customers.

The love for Romansiah is evident from the fact that they’ve opened up 30 branches in the regions of Riyadh, Al-Kharj, Al-Qassim, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Jeddah, Medinah. They have also exported the Saudi taste of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

They pay attention to every detail of quality and taste. The restaurant chain is known to be the ‘branches of romance’ which provide a relaxing atmosphere with luxury and sophistication. 

In this restaurant, you can order sweets, barbeque, chicken, meat, and Spanish.

For the love of food, enjoy the romance in Romansiah!

Al Romansiah branch

3. Najd Village Restaurant

Enjoy the most art of taste in the most traditional way possible. 

Located right in the middle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Najd region holds traditional and historic importance. 

Najd Village restaurant is popular for its delicious dishes and traditional architecture. People gravitate back to it for its combination of simplicity, privacy, and taste. 

Besides the main course, they also offer special village bakery made products and various lamb specialties.  

Najd Village seating area
Najd Village seating area

4. Bait Shawaya.

Bait Shawaya is a local restaurant chain for traditional food. The first branch was opened in 1425 AH, now there are more than 90 restaurants throughout the country.

They give special focus to the hygiene and quality of the products used.

It’s popular for its grill dishes. It serves various delicious combinations of grilled meat and rice. 

Grilled chicken.
Grilled chicken

5. Rise

On the Makkah highway, this restaurant is worth a try.

In the traditional seating arrangement, the restaurant offers a warm and relaxed environment to enjoy your food in.

Mandi dish.
Mandi dish

If you haven’t tried any of these restaurants, what are you even doing in Riyadh?

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