An Immersive Tour Through The Line Experience Exhibition in Riyadh


Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a city of the future? NEOM’s monumental exhibition, The Line Experience gives you the opportunity to experience just that. 

Hosted at the Diriyah Biennale Foundation for Contemporary Art at Diriyah’s JAX District, the exhibition offers visitors detailed designs, architectural models and informative films that highlight the project in all its glory.  

An immersive experience, the exhibition offers an enriching and engaging tour that takes visitors on an unparalleled journey, giving them first-hand access to detailed urban planning designs and architectural features that will redefine livability in The Line once implemented. 

In addition, visitors will receive an in-depth view of NEOM’s sectors and its surrounding natural landscapes where people and technology come together in harmony with nature. 

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to experience at this exceptional exhibition. The exhibition is split into five zones, you’ll be able to get first-hand insights from guided tours available in Arabic and English.

  1. Neom Projects & An Introduction to The Line

Upon entering the exhibition, you’ll be introduced to informative films about NEOM’s revolutionary projects being developed in north-western Saudi Arabia, projects such as Trojena, a mountain resort city, Oxagon, the world’s largest floating city, and The Line.

2. The Hidden Marina

A real visual treat, you’ll get to see The Line’s luxurious marina which will house Yachts and other kinds of cutting-edge boats, the marina is seamlessly integrated into the city’s revolutionary design. 

3. Livability Principles 

Within the third zone, you’ll encounter visuals that display The Line’s residential, retail and leisure areas. You’ll get to know more about the innovative urban design approach described by the city’s creators as Zero Gravity Urbanism. Unlike other cities in which buildings are spaced apart from one another, the architecture of The Line will be layered vertically enabling inhabitants to move seamlessly in three dimensions: up, down and across. This unique design ensures that facilities and amenities can be accessed within a five-minute walk.

4. Flora at The Line 

In this zone, visitors will get to learn about the different kinds of unique and rare flora that will be grown at The Line. 

The integration of lush vegetation throughout the city is part of its overall eco-friendly approach. Unlike traditional cities, The Line will run on 100 % renewable energy and prioritize health and well-being over transportation and infrastructure. Covering an area of 34 square kilometers, The Line’s small footprint will contribute to conserving 95% of NEOM’s land and support environmental sustainability.

5. Design of The Line 

In this last zone of the exhibition, visitors can explore designs which highlight the most important characteristics of the city, which is 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long and rises 500 meters above sea level. Spectacular architectural models showcase spaces for work, play and living. The designs of The Line reinforce the ambition of this innovative urban environment. You’ll also get the chance to discover the architects behind the project.

The Line Experience is running until April 29, 2023. Entry is free, but you must register before you visit. Book your ticket today!




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